Jacob the BossVlogger

As a proud BossVlogger and self-proclaimed “Gypsy soul,” my journey has been an adventure of epic proportions! Over the past decade, I’ve been fortunate to have an incredible woman in my life who gives me the freedom to spread my wings and fly (more about her and us soon, I promise). And guess what? That freedom led me to a remarkable performer named Seska, whom I met on TikTok of all places! Can you believe it?

The first time Seska and I had a conversation, we just had to hit that record button because our connection was electric. She sees me clearly, which is no small feat, considering I can barely find my own socks most days. But let me tell you, folks, Seska is an absolute gem. Thank the heavens for her!

Together, Seska and I are building something truly extraordinary. It’s called the Cougar Crusade, and it’s all about connecting mature women with younger men for meaningful, long-term relationships. We’re on a mission to destigmatize this beautiful dynamic, and we’re burning down the patriarchy while we’re at it! Okay, maybe “burning down” is a bit too aggressive, but hey, it gets the point across, right? Let me know what you think in the comments—laughter and applause are always welcome!

We’re all about giving men the room to grow and evolve while also helping younger women see themselves in a whole new light. We’re rewriting the rules of love, one viral video at a time. So, if you’re interested in connecting, learning, and embracing this unique paradigm, join the Cougar Crusade and become part of the legendary BossFam!

And hey, we’re even planning a BossVlogging Retreat because, well, I am the BossVlogger, after all! We know adversity is lurking around every corner, but we’re overcoming it with our heads held high. To all you amazing mature ladies out there, I see you overcoming so much and healing from ancestral trauma. You’re the real MVPs of maturity!

So, why did the mature women cross the road, you ask? Well, they did it to connect with a much younger man and send the patriarchy running for cover! Hilarious, right? Join us on this epic journey of laughter, empowerment, and personal growth. Let’s make the world a better place—one video, one laugh, and one burned-down stereotype at a time!