There are multiple ways to participate in the Cougar Crusade Community.

Our favourite way is for *you* to make content about what you are passionate about! Get into the light, show your face, make content, stop using the BOLD GLAM filter, share your voice, and hashtag #cougarcrusade.

It’s a powerful way for mature women to take up space on social media and, as Jacob says, burn down the patriarchy.

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Jacob’s social media, especially his TikTok, explores the power of mature feminine energy and promotes the empowering movement known as the #CougarCrusade.

During his TikTok Live sessions, all audience members can communicate with everyone, creating an engaging environment for interaction and connection. However, when you subscribe, you join a dedicated group known as the Boss Fam and enjoy the special privilege of exclusive interaction with Jacob and each other.

It’s an important sign of trust for Jacob and demonstrates that you will respect the safe space he works diligently to create. It establishes a foundation of honesty, trust, and transparency, devoid of nefarious intentions. As we have seen, trolls like to troll, and catfishes abound. Subscribe, and we all are safer for it.

The Heart of the Cougar Crusade

The next level of engagement is to join the Heart of Cougar Crusade and gain access to the deep and meaningful discussions happening within the community. Cougar Crusaders become an integral part of the community and enjoy various benefits and opportunitiesā€”

  • content creation coaching
  • online dating coaching
  • dynamic content creator events
  • 1:1 conversations with Jacob

To access this level, you must subscribe to Jacob’s TikTok Live. Once you have subscribed, you can fill out a short questionnaire. Seska will contact you with information about the Heart of Cougar Crusader level and what experiences are available to you. The fees vary.

You are not obliged to pursue any options and can remain part of the Boss Fam if you are an active subscriber of Jacob’s TikTok Live.

Angel Investor

Discover the rewarding journey of angel investing in the Cougar Crusade, where you not only have the potential for financial returns but also the gratification of supporting a truly meaningful cause. Here’s why becoming an angel investor can be a game-changer for mature women embracing their next chapter.


Cougar Club

A free (by-and-for Cougar) moderated space to connect with mature women and a few younger men about the topics that interest you.