The Cougar Crusade with Jacob Bos is a vibrant online community that celebrates mature women who own their confidence, sensuality, and independence.

At it’s heart is Jacob Bos and his TikTok Live Show (streaming most nights between midnight and 6am Mountain time).

We honour the modern cougar— a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to pursue it. Whether it’s a romantic connection with someone younger or simply embracing her own desires, we believe that age is MORE than just a number. It reflects a lifetime of experiences, wisdom, and personal growth that shapes who we are.

The community stands as a testament to the timeless beauty and fierce sensuality of women who know what they want. The #CougarCrusade isn’t just a movement; it’s a celebration of life’s most exhilarating connections, where mature women lead the charge in redefining romance and desire.

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In a culture where youth often takes centre stage, Jacob Bos’ TikTok Live show allows women in midlife and beyond to access a sizzling live show like no other! Sparks fly as he connects with confident, vibrant women who know what they want. In this electrifying atmosphere, Jacob charms and is charmed by his guests, celebrating the thrill of attraction and the beauty of mutual desire. Join the fun and experience the excitement of unbridled chemistry!

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Healing in Houston
A Cougar Crusade Weekend Retreat
Houston, TX
July 26-28, 2024



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